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Portable hot tub for rent

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We got portable got tub to rent. The tub takes 6-8 persons at the same time and is operated with firewood. Easy to move with a car (with towing hook). The tub will be always washed before next use. If you don't want to clean tub after use, we can do it for 30 euros.


One day (sunday-thursday) 60 €

Weekend (friday AND saturday) 120 €

Week 220 €

One day (friday OR saturday) 80 €

Remember to ask availability and price for the firewood. Water pump also available for filling the tub from a lake.


Reservations from Kivisalmen Kievari or from the number 040 156 2310.


You can also ask information and availability from Facebook, but it might take a while before answering.

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